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And she doesn’t know what to suggest. She was really good actually; she listened and I think that’s what I needed. She suggested I go and see my GP, so I’ll either ring tomorrow before school, or during one of my frees. I might see if she’ll come down with me. I don’t know. I […]

So I’ve just come back from Parent Tutor Day. Pretty much the same as always, excellent attendance, working well, well suited to my courses. My Tutor makes one comment about how I’ve become more confident and has a result sometimes come across as highly opinionated, not always listening to other people and my mother takes […]

Oh Mother!


So I’m back posting sooner that I had first anticipated. And here is the first (probably of many) vents: My mother is a total control freak. I know most mother’s are, but I’ve never met any at the same level as her. Before I start on that, let me give you a little information about […]