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I love Florence and the Machine and have been listening to them for what seems life forever. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the album, but was really disappointed how much they altered “My Boy Builds Coffins”. The demo I heard before the album “Lungs”, was incredibly bassey, bluesey, but the version the album […]

So I’ve just come back from Parent Tutor Day. Pretty much the same as always, excellent attendance, working well, well suited to my courses. My Tutor makes one comment about how I’ve become more confident and has a result sometimes come across as highly opinionated, not always listening to other people and my mother takes […]



I really want to under cut my hair. The bit I’ve sectioned off would go. I’m thinking a number 2, but I’d leave the bottom little bis around my side burn long. So it all blends in like. I pitched the idea to my mum and she told me I’d look like a dyke. Her […]

Oh Mother!


So I’m back posting sooner that I had first anticipated. And here is the first (probably of many) vents: My mother is a total control freak. I know most mother’s are, but I’ve never met any at the same level as her. Before I start on that, let me give you a little information about […]