Parent Tutor Day.


So I’ve just come back from Parent Tutor Day. Pretty much the same as always, excellent attendance, working well, well suited to my courses. My Tutor makes one comment about how I’ve become more confident and has a result sometimes come across as highly opinionated, not always listening to other people and my mother takes it completely the wrong way. Hands up; I’ll admit, yes I am an opinionated person and I will fight my corner when I need to, but I’m not the rude and abusive person she seems to see me as.

We’ve come home and she’s not praised me at my high predictions and the rate that I’m working in at class. She’s laid into me about how I’m rude and never listen to what anybody else has to say, how I always cut over people when they’re talking, how I never admit I’m wrong, how I can never have a discussion without raising my voice. Yet she stands here and does exactly the same thing.

I tried to explain that everybody does it occasionally, and it’s not something that we can help. At this point she’s cutting over me before I’ve finished my sentence. Apparently me pointing this out to her is not justified.

She said how I’d invited myself into a conversation she was having with someone today, a conversation which was about me. If something’s about me, don’t you think I’ve got a right to put across my opinion? If they’re talking about teachers I’ve had, how I’ve found them, or what Universities I’ve liked, surely I have the right to tell them what I think?

I pointed this out and she chose to ignore it. I asked her, “Suppose if I was having a conversation with Grandma. You cut in and give your input.” She replies with a mere “I’m an elder.” When I point out my Grandmother would be an elder to her, she ignores me again.

She has a go at me for wandering about when she talks to me, yet when I try to talk to her, nine times out of ten, she doesn’t listen to me, ignores what I have to say, or tells me she doesn’t care. For instance, one of my friend’s families were involved in the whole Sharm el Sheikh deal recently. When I told her she didn’t care, wasn’t interested in their ordeal at all. I thought this might be a topic of interest, not trivial things like who’s one X Factor this year. Obviously not.

As I was trying to discuss the whole fuss about Parent Tutor day, she told me to “Shut the fuck up” and get out of her sight.

I’ve done so. I’m sitting in my room in tears again.

University can’t come soon enough.


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  1. The other awesome thing about uni – there are no parent teacher interviews!!! 🙂

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